Altitude Training

In our simulated altitude environment, the oxygen level is reduced to mimic the conditions at high altitude. Consistent exposure to this environment forces the body to adapt, utilize oxygen more efficiently by increasing VO2max (maximal oxygen uptake). This leads to a significant increase in endurance, cardiovascular performance, and overall fitness.

Yes! Performance athletes have been training at high altitudes for decades. If you’ve sat on a plane and didn’t have difficulty breathing, you will be fine at our facility. The oxygen level in our studio is at about 13-14% depending on the altitude setpoint, whereas the oxygen level inside an airplane is at about 15%. Furthermore, our studio has a health monitor display that shows oxygen levels within the studio at all times. Our cutting-edge technology, specialized trainers and a regulated training program make it safer than most gyms.

Our technology allows us to select the altitude for the class, depending on the altitude selected the system automatically adjusts the oxygen levels within the studio.

The body quickly acclimatizes to the reduced oxygen atmosphere. Our workout program is designed to benefit people of all fitness levels. Our specialized trainers are taught to pay close attention to all guests, especially first timers to ensure their safety. We encourage you to try an introductory class and then decide based on your experience!

  • Increased Aerobic Capacity: Aerobic capacity is how efficient your body is at delivering oxygen to your muscles.
  • Improved Endurance: As your maximal oxygen uptake increases, your body starts to become more efficient with oxygen usage. Therefore, you can sustain high intensity exercise for a longer period and significantly boost your performance.
  • Increased Lactic Acid Tolerance: Lactic acid is a substance that is produced through exercise, which causes soreness and pain. Through improved lactic acid tolerance, your body can work at high intensity for longer, as well as recover much faster.
  • Improved Heart Functionality: Altitude training results in an increase in the volume of red blood cells in your body. More oxygen can then be transported throughout the muscles and heart, resulting in improved heart functionality.
  • These benefits combined lead to an elevated athletic performance. Therefore, clients will burn more calories, improve muscle definition, boost serotonin levels (happy hormone) and increase their overall wellness.


To begin with the filtered air provided by our altitude training system is 8 times cleaner than that of a regular gym. Our customers’ safety is our first priority, and we closely monitor and implement the latest COVID – 19 guidelines provided by the state.


Class can be booked through our application, website or by simply calling us. Fill out our intake form, select the desired membership or package. Pay and you can start booking classes.

Yes, we highly encourage you to bring people as you like, we just request that you book their free class in advance so we can ensure they are taken care of when they arrive.

Yes, under circumstances such as an injury or essential travel we will allow you to freeze your membership. You have the option to freeze your membership for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 60 days. You may freeze your membership up to 2 times per year (for a maximum of 120 days per year). You may not freeze your membership for more than 60 consecutive days.

We enforce a strict 8-hour class cancellation policy. If you reserve a place in a class but fail to cancel 8 hours in advance and fail to show up for the class, you may forfeit a membership or package session or, if you have used your monthly membership or package sessions, you are not a member or package holder (i.e., you are a drop-in user at the studio) or you are a Pro member, as applicable, your credit card on file may be charged the amount for an additional session consistent with the terms of the applicable Studio User Document. You may also be subject to an additional surcharge if such a surcharge is in place at the studio where you registered for a class.

Your written cancellation request must be mailed, emailed, or delivered to our address or email address at the top of your membership or package agreement. Your cancellation request will be effective 30 days after it is received. Any payments due under this Agreement prior to the cancellation or termination effective date will be charged by us as scheduled. Unused monthly class sessions do not carry over to subsequent months. Any unused monthly class sessions will be forfeited at the end of each monthly membership period. In the event of a temporary studio closure, you will be charged your monthly membership fee when classes are available to you, unless you cancel or freeze your membership as provided herein. Members are entitled to the cancellation and refund of the contract if the contracting business location of the health studio goes out of business or moves its facilities more than five (5) driving miles and fails to provide, within 30 days, a facility of equal quality located within five (5) driving miles at no additional cost to the buyer.